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July 2016
We had several brokers that were broken down to a few; Kevin resonated because it was very clear that he was attentive; thorough, understanding, willingness to listen, he recommendations were o n point without being influential. As first timers in the whole process Kevin treated with the respected we felt we deserved. This is where Kevin excelled. His demeanor and approachability are his strengths. He leaves no detailed unanswered. He worked with us off of normal business hours and any updates he was quick to bring us up to speed. Kevin’s knowledge of the metrowest area and understanding of our asks were a big reason we were drawn toward Kevin. Kevin was on point and very upfront with us throughout the purchase. He worked with the selling agent to handle all aspects of the process and kept us informed throughout the process. We made every decision only based on the information Kevin gave us. He had an answer for all of our questions and we always knew our options based on the information Kevin provided. I/we can’t state how much we enjoyed working with Kevin. His instruction and level of work could of gone in several directions once he knew he was working with young, first time homebuyers. He was professional in every meeting and always did his homework prior to any home showing. He had all the answers and often anticipated our needs and was ahead of us. He was never influential but always presented us with both sides of the argument and armed us with all the information WE needed to make a decision.
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